Food Service Operator’s Guide to Self Inspection: An 8 page booklet of self-inspection checklists created by the Macomb County Health Department: PDF format

Food Service Operator’s Guide for Food Service Inspections: A short pamphlet answering frequently asked questions regarding the inspection process, created by the Macomb County Health Department: PDF format

Food Safety Manager (Person In Charge) Daily Checklist: A one page, color and graphical, checklist created by the Western U.P. Health Department: PDF format

Self-Inspection Guide for Farmers’ Markets: General guidelines for farmers’ market inspections, including information regarding approved water sources and handwashing stations. Created by the MDA Food & Dairy Division: PDF format

Pocket Guide for Pest Identification: “This Guide is designed to coincide with federal Guidelines on Risk Reductions and Risk Factors for Food Safety Concerns… Each pest featured in the Guide will contain information on food safety concerns that may affect the occurrence of food-borne illnesses.” Created conjointly by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Michigan State University Pesticide Safety Education Program, 2008: Available here.

Resources highlighted in red are funded through the Michigan Food Law of 2000, Act No 92, Industry Food Safety Education Fund.

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