Serving Safe Food: A 12 page guide from the Macomb County Health Department covering foodborne illness, personal hygiene, food preparation and other aspects of operating a food service establishment: PDF format

Food Safety is in Your Hands – Lesson Plan: A plan for creating a hand washing training session for all employees, includes suggestions for videos and other methods of instruction. Available for download: PDF format

Hand Washing How To’s: A 17 slide presentation designed to be used with the Food Safety is in Your Hands Lesson Plan: PDF format

“Food Safety is in Your Hands” & “Food Safety: It’s Up to You” Videos: Page includes both videos highlighting the importance of proper hand washing and use of barriers when preparing food. A good resource for new food service employees, both videos are available to watch from your computer in 6 languages including English and Spanish.

ServSafe Food Handler: The ServSafe Food Handler training and assessment program is a complete solution that delivers consistent food safety training to employees in two training formats: Online Course and Assessment.

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