Serving Safe Food: A 12 page guide from the Macomb County Health Department covering foodborne illness, personal hygiene, food preparation and other aspects of operating a food service establishment. A good resource for new food service employees: PDF format

Assuring the Safety of Menu and Deli Items Made from Raw Eggs: a printable brochure illustrating the correct internal cooking temperatures and highlighting key points for safely serving products with raw shell eggs:

Thermometer Use and Calibration: a guide to when to use a food thermometer, the pros and cons of various thermometer types and how to calibrate your food thermometer. Created by the Michigan Department of Agriculture: PDF format

Gloves: Single page general reference sheet created by the Michigan Department of Agriculture for the different types of gloves used in food establishments. Revised July 2008, available online.

Latex Glove Allergies and the Food Industry: Michigan Department of Agriculture recommendations for the use of latex gloves in the workplace. Revised July 2008, available online.

Managing Food Safety: A manual for the voluntary use of HACCP Principles for operators of food service retail establishments. Created by US Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, and Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. Revised April 2006.

Foodservice Safety & Sanitation: A study guide for the foodservice safety and sanitation test. Created by the Ottawa County Health Department, available for download: PDF format

Buying Local: A reference sheet that answers questions about approved food sources for food establishments, including produce, poultry and meat available online.

Key Changes to the Michigan Food Law – 2007: A reference sheet created by the Michigan Department of Agriculture highlighting the major changes in food law in simple language: PDF format

Time as a Public Health Control: Guidelines for how to create a procedure for using time as a public health control (how much time to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold), created by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. PDF format, Revised May 2008: PDF format

Norovirus: Guidelines for environmental cleaning and disinfection of Norovirus, an 11 page document created by the Michigan Department of Community Health. Revised January 2009. Available for download: PDF format

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